Easy and safe marketing

This option is a rapidly growing agent aimed at ease and endeavor of catering to the needs of dealers in goods.

Stoxmarket is an agent having many platforms in the money markets. Except marketing of binary options, it proposes dealers in goods the chance of making successful repayments in other markets, for instance, in forex. Here we are going to value its dealings connected with marketing of binary options, in particular paying attention to the question: if it proposes any new opportunities to dealers in goods.


Stoxmarket is the marketing name of an organization called Marketier Holdings Limited. It has a registration in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The services of agent’s payment are controlled singly by two organizations: Profitier Limited (is in London, England), and OCapital LP (is in Edinburgh, Scotland).

Besides Stoxmarket safe settlements, a lot of dealers in goods are heard to be happy with the agent’s proposals. Our company analyzed the work of different online marketing forums and couldn’t find any substantial disfavor rating. So, we can confidently say that this option is not a fraud agent. Moreover, when investigating this platform, our company opened that U.S. dealers in goods don’t have access to it, something the agent precisely accepts, which in future confirms its security.

Stoxmarket Marketing Stands

What is really prominent in this option that agent is proposing a great deal of marketing stands. Therefore, you have an opportunity of choosing the stand that you like most.

Trading Platform

  • 4 kinds of Stoxmarket stands:
    • metatrader 4: the stand that dealers in goods of forex like most of all;
    • mobile trader: this new stand allows you to market when traveling using both devices with Android and iOS systems;
    • webtrader: it is not necessary to download this instrument, you can use it easilyin various places using different devices;
    • tablet trader: this service meets the needs of the people who can’t access to a desk computer;

    Moreover, this stand also gives an opportunity to make demo account for free with $100,000 of virtual investments

Advantages and Pay backs

This platform proposes a great deal of more than 200 advantages for dealers in goods of binary options. For example, moneys, exchange goods, indexes, and shares and bonds.

That’s why, you be always able to find an advantage that has something in common with your style of marketing and favors. Concerning pay backs, this stand reimburses around 84% on prosperous customers.

Down payments and Removals

It is trouble-free and not difficult to start a new account in Stoxmarket‘s website because after filling in the form on the agent’s website and accepting all the necessary conditions, your page will be made and valid.

When you decide to make your first down payment, you will be able to choose between a lot of different kinds of favorable methods of payment such as cashless payment, mostly bank cards, and credit transfer. The agent also gives prizes to dealers in goods, which is established on an individual approach.

The process of removal is quick and not difficult you should make an inquiry, and they send you cash using your main method of payment.

Significantly, this platform pays a great attention to putting down payment funds of the clients into a fixed and safe place. So, the agent has used the most innovative technology, and other strict measures to assure the clients in the safety of funds its marketing environment.

Depending on the down payment amount, you will be able to get one of the account kinds such as below:

  • Silver: with the lowest down payment of $1,000 $4,999.
  • Gold: with the lowest down payment of $5,000 $19,999.
  • VIP: with the lowest down payment of $20,000.

Work with clients

This stand is proud of proposing face-to-face work with clients in order to provide for dealers in goods making great removals from marketing of binary options. It gives an opportunity for clients to ask for help any time using email, live support, and mobile phone. The agent’s site has 3 main languages: Russian, English and Arabic. This gives you a chance of choosing a necessary language.

This organization is interested in traders making sound market decisions. It also has a great number of teaching resources for improving dealer in gods’ skills such as movie tutorials, books, calendar of the latest economic events and indicators, and guided marketing meetings.


  • Aimed at ease of use and safety
  • Faithful work with clients department
  • The access to mobile marketing
  • A lot of different marketing stands
  • Various types of money advantages
  • Save marketing platform
  • Convenient methods of payment
  • A great number of teaching resources
  • Access to demo account
  • Multilingual platform
  • Great pay backs


  • Lack of certification from an authoritative regulation organization like
  • CySec S. dealers in goods don’t take part
  • Prizes not known in advance


After investigating this stand’s agent, we can assure you that the agent proposes new things to dealers in goods of binary options. They also pay a lot of attention to the ease of use, face-to-face improved marketing facilities, and proposing save marketing stand. Initially, the agent’s modern and safe proposals have attracted attention of the dealers in goods. So, if you would like to find an agent that is trustworthy, having blameless features, and catering to dealers in goods’ needs, this platform is for you.